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Jesse Guardiani jesse at
Thu Jun 19 15:11:17 PDT 2003

Asenchi wrote:

> Hello,
> I am trying to configure an dual processor server for the first time.  It
> is a 6 year old HP with PIII Xeon 500's.
> The question I have is that when I boot into single user mode (as I have
> had problems in multi-user) it shows only one proc starting up.  This:
> SMP: AP CPU #1 Launched!
> Should this show the second one?
> The problem in multi-user mode is that after boot, 5 minutes later when I
> am doing anything it reboots after 5 mins.
> Any ideas?  Or where I can visit something online.  I haven't been able to
> find any really reliable SMP docs online.  And I could be blind but I
> can't find anything in the handbook.

I think your dmesg.boot and your kernel config file would be good to
see right about now.

> Thanks,
> Curt Micol

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