boot0 or boot1 broken, how to fix?

Tobias Roth roth at
Thu Jun 19 12:36:33 PDT 2003


I somehow destroyed some of my boot files, as it seems. The bootmanager
seems to work: The F1-FN selection appears and works for a different
install on the same disk. But if I chose the broken one, all that
appears is a / and the machine hangs. I fscked and successfully mounted
that partition with help of the fixit floppy. So my questions:

1) what's the problem here and how can I fix it?
2) if it actually would be a broken mbr, how would I fix that?
   i looked for boot0cfg on the fixit floppy, but as boot0cfg is
   linked to libc, I guess it didn't fit onto there. is it on the
   fixit cd rom at least?

thanks, t.

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