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Wed Jun 18 18:40:20 PDT 2003

On Wed, 18 Jun 2003, Gregory Sutter wrote:
> On 2003-06-18 18:04 -0700, Peter Leftwich <Hostmaster at Video2Video.Com> wrote:
> > Well I'm sitting here typing "date" over and over but she doesn't appear. :)

*lament*  None of my fellow nerds have quite the sense of humour I expected!

> Peter, You specified it using sysinstall, which you can do again; alternately,

Gregory, thank you for your response.

And, ah, yes, you are so right.  Now I recall that part of sysinstall!!

> 'man tzsetup' for the direct command.  'man tzset' for the relevant
> functions in libc.

durrrrrrrr *drools and runs `man -k timezone` and sees tzsetup*

> I'd also like to help you find things on your system more easily.
> I suspect you don't know about the 'apropos' command (aka 'man -k'),
> which shows you short descriptions of system commands relevant to
> keywords you give it.  In your example, 'apropos timezone' includes
> the correct results.  Apropos isn't the greatest search tool ever
> but it usually gives you what you need if you search for the base(s)
> of your search needs.  'apropos zone' shows a small (usable) list,
> and even 'apropos time' works if you want to sort through a bunch
> of results.

Yeah yeah yeah . . . I gave up after running `man timezone` and being told
about C functions that parts of the compiled OS use *smiles*

> (You can also use 'locate' to find things on your system, but the
> timezone example is really bad (3 levels of indirection through C
> functions before you find out about tzsetup) so I won't go into detail.)
> Greg

"locate" is evil -- I much prefer `find . -iname "*something*" -print` :)

Does locate offer real-world "manpage examples" (which are badly-needed)?

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