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Wed Jun 18 18:28:51 PDT 2003

On 2003-06-18 18:04 -0700, Peter Leftwich <Hostmaster at Video2Video.Com> wrote:
> Well I'm sitting here typing "date" over and over but she doesn't appear. :)
> Actually, I was looking for something more in the output, namely, the GMT
> offset such as (-0800 PDT) then I finally noticed that PDT *is* there.
> But I can't remember where I specified that!  A grep of PDT in /etc/* and
> /boot/* returns nothing relevant.  I also can't remember if this is
> something that can be played with in userland, that is, as a postprocessor
> (e.g. the tcsh shell using "set" or setenv).  Ideas, from any timezone?


You specified it using sysinstall, which you can do again; alternately,
'man tzsetup' for the direct command.  'man tzset' for the relevant
functions in libc.

I'd also like to help you find things on your system more easily.
I suspect you don't know about the 'apropos' command (aka 'man -k'),
which shows you short descriptions of system commands relevant to
keywords you give it.  In your example, 'apropos timezone' includes
the correct results.  Apropos isn't the greatest search tool ever
but it usually gives you what you need if you search for the base(s)
of your search needs.  'apropos zone' shows a small (usable) list,
and even 'apropos time' works if you want to sort through a bunch
of results.

(You can also use 'locate' to find things on your system, but the
timezone example is really bad (3 levels of indirection through C
functions before you find out about tzsetup) so I won't go into

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