Tools to modify shared libraries

Jake Burkholder jake at
Wed Jun 18 07:01:09 PDT 2003

Apparently, On Mon, Jun 16, 2003 at 03:39:19PM -0700,
	Joe Kelsey said words to the effect of;

> Has anyone ever come across general-purpose tools for modifying shared 
> libraries?  What I want to do is to edit the list of "needed" shared 
> libraries to correct the common mistakes that developers make in 
> creating shared objects with large lists of shared libraries.
> Specifically, I want to modify linux-flashplugin6/ to 
> remove all of the idiotic references to shared libraries that the Flash 
> 6 developers added.  Since this is a plugin for Mozilla, it does not 
> need to specify any extra shared libraries especially since Mozilla has 
> already loaded all of them!
> I want to do this to make Flash 6 work with flashpluginwrapper.  If I 
> can remove the list of needed shared libraries from the DYNAMIC section 
> of the shared library, everyone will be that much closer to a real flash 
> 6 plugin for BSD.

I've needed to do similar things to remove the interp section from static
binaries with full dynamic symbol tables.  I just wrote a C program that
mmapped the elf file, parsed the headers and changed the p_type of the
PT_INTERP program header entries to PT_NULL.  You may be able to do something
similar by changing the d_tag of the DT_NEEDED entries to some value larger
than DT_COUNT so they will be ignored by the dynamic linker.


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