Two DNS servers with one IP address

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Tue Jun 17 20:14:57 PDT 2003

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Subject: Re: Two DNS servers with one IP address

> Hello,
> It certainly is possible to register two nameservers
> with the same IP address.  While it serves no real
> purpose to do so, if you require 2 NS's
> then you can.  Check with your registrar.
> We do that here on our virtual servers 
> just because it's easier and really, 
> if the server goes down, that's it.  No 
> point in having the DNS up if the entire
>server is down for us.

Well, that might depend on your TTL's
and the speed of the repair boyz in the NOC...

Keep in mind that the world will consider your DNS
"broken" if you do this.  DNS reporting services
will flag you if your 2 servers on are the same 
*subnet*, much less the same IP addy...

Obviously, what people think is of little concern
in your situation, I'm guessing....

Kevin Kinsey

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