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Tue Jun 17 15:53:25 PDT 2003

Bryan W. Maxwell wrote:
> Im trying to set up my home system as, is not a valid IP address.  The last number must be somewhere
between 1 and 254 (inclusive).

> but somehow the local 
> loop lo0 is still on

The loopback address is always  It's not supposed to change.
lo0 is "virtual" network adapter that always points back to itself, hence
the name "loopback".  That IP is reserved specifically for that purpose.

> How can i set up my local network to be the 
> other address.

Configure your actual network adapter.  Do you have an ethernet card?  If
so, look at the output of 'ifconfig'.  The adapter that mentions "Ethernet"
in the media line is the driver you want to config.

> Also when setting up a serial line connection, how can I 
> tell both sides are pinging. I can ping one side, but the other gives me a 
> sendto:Network dropped connection on reset. The commands im using are
> slattach -h -l -n -s /dev/cuaa0     ifconfig sl0 up

I don't have a terribly educated answer to this, except point-to-point
adapters never seem able to ping both ends.  That's normal.  If you can
ping the far end from this machine and this machine from the far end, then
you're in good shape.
You may have to manually add a route for sl0.  Check the output of
'netstat -rn' to see if there's a route, and add it with 'route add' if

Bill Moran
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