FVWM on FreeBSD 4.8

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Tue Jun 17 13:46:48 PDT 2003

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wrote Jinsong Zhao thusly...
> Does anyone here have a FVWM 2.5.x running on FreeBSD4.8? I am not
> familiar with the configuration of FVWM on FreeBSD. 

There shouldn't be difference in configurating FVWM whether you do
it on FreeBSD or any where else, minus any system dependencies.

See fvwm(1).

> If you could send me a .fvwm2rc, I will very appreciated. Please
> send them to ysx_zh at sina.com, it's much bigger.

Get them from...

  various fvwm tools which generate the configuration for you

  /usr/X11R6/etc/system.fvwm2rc.dist (if installed from ports)


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