Developing for highly tailored chips on FreeBSD

Pavel Grishin liberty at
Tue Jun 17 11:27:18 PDT 2003


I have come across a small difficulty. I would like to develop for
Motorola DSP56300 family on FreeBSD system, but unfortunately the
company provides tools for Windows and HP systems only.

I think that BSD would only benefit if such tools were available for it.
Moreover there are many such chips for which vendors provide development
tools for only one system (read - windows) whereas BSD can propose a lot
more convenient environment to write programs.

So may be we should have some committee which would negotiate such
things with vendors (i.e. to get sources) and port tools. In my case,
the FreeBSD is the cheapest system compared to the two mentioned in the
beginning of this message. I think I could port tools for the DSP
provided I had sources.

Please cc your replies to my address below since I am not signed at this

            liberty @

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