getting to stop spam with sendmail

David Banning david at
Mon Jun 16 23:52:15 PDT 2003

I am interested in getting my server to bounce mail from open relays.

I have been to the site. I have added the suggested line
to my mc files;

FEATURE(`dnsbl', `', ` "550 Email rejected due to sending server
misconfiguration - see\#why_rejected"')dnl

I am using sendmail 8.12.9/8.12.6
I of course recompiled the .mc files, and restarted sendmail.

I have tried to test that it is working by adding;    
to my /etc/hosts file, as my ip address is

I am still not getting a bounce. I am not seeing anything in /var/maillog

I am looking for a clue as to how to get more info to get this working,
either via a tip from someone, or how I can crank up my logging
to maillog to give me more info. A website that goes into
more depth would be helpful, if anyone knows one. 


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