more transparent proxy and squid questions.

Roman Neuhauser neuhauser at
Mon Jun 16 23:47:56 PDT 2003

# ajthomson at / 2003-06-17 14:37:09 +1000:
> further, if i do try and configure with the --enable-ipfw-transparent
> option, configure complains with the following:
> checking if setresuid is implemented... yes
> checking if IP-Filter header files are installed... no
> WARNING: Cannot find necessary IP-Filter header files
>          Transparent Proxy support WILL NOT be enabled
> I appreciate it's talking about ipfilter however I use ipfw which is
> compiled into the kernel.

    ISTR seeing separate ./configure switches for ipf and ipfw when
    I was installing aquid last year. The error you quoted would
    indicate that you specified --enable-ipf-transparent instead of the 
    ipfw one.

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