running netscape 7.0.2 "linux version" on freebsd-5.1, help?

sweetleaf sweetleaf at
Mon Jun 16 20:31:37 PDT 2003

Because the ports are older and have bugs that have been fixed in the current release/s.

On Mon, 16 Jun 2003 21:09:21 -0400
Jud <judmarc at> wrote:

> On Mon, 16 Jun 2003 20:00:31 -0500, sweetleaf <sweetleaf at> 
> wrote:
> > I just downloaded Netscape 7.0.2 from "linux version" and am 
> > running it under linux emulation on freebsd-5.1. The problem i am 
> > encountering , and i encountered the same issue with the latest 
> > mozilla..... under linux emulation, is that when i exit Netscape or 
> > restart the system i am meet with the select user-profile *to start 
> > Netscape section. Ok, for ex. say i am running Netscape under the 
> > "default" profile, i have all my mail accounts setup, proxy setting 
> > etc.... now i need to shutdown my system, restart it , or just restart 
> > i start Netscape
> >
> > # /usr/compat/linux/usr/local/netscape/netscape
> >
> > Now i am ask when profile to start Netscape as, so i select the previous 
> > "default" i had been running Netscape under. The problem is after 
> > selecting "default" and clicking on start i am getting this error about 
> > it cant use that profile as its already in use...but its not because this 
> > is the first instance of Netscape i am attempting to start after a 
> > reboot. The only way i can get Netscape to start is to create another 
> > profile, which it does the same to after a reboot or restart. for. ex. i 
> > can create default 2 and start Netscape but if i try to start Netscape 
> > again with that profile its says that profile is already in use. If 
> > anybody has had this issue and solved it, i would appreciate some 
> > guidance on this.
> >
> > thanks, and have a good day.
> Re this and your Sun Java question: Why not use the FreeBSD "linux-" ports? 
>  (Haven't checked to see what the latest linux-Netscape port is; if it's 
> not up to 7.0.2, you can install the earlier version, or at least look at 
> what the port maintainer has done for hints with regard to such stuff as 
> build options, places to install various files, etc.)
> Jud

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