USB/NE2000 IRQ conflict?

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The ne2000 nic has setup utility that you run from ms/dos that you
can set the nic's irq with. If you did not get one in the box the
Nic came in them check out the MFG website.

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I have a similar problem, so I'll wait before posting to see what
suggestions others have for solutions to yours.
I've managed to hack my way around my problem by freeing up some low
irqs -- disabling one of the com ports (irq 3) and the parallel port
the bios, and taking them out of my system configuration in a custom
kernel.  I'm not sure I needed to get rid of the parallel port, but
not using it anyway.  It's a real hack, but doing so allowed my two
NE2000 cards to be placed at irq 3 and 5, and then everything

Gary Aitken

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>I have an old motherboard (with AMIBios 2.5) which doesn't have any
>slots, so I bought a generic USB OHCI controller to use. Problem
>both it and my Realtek 8029 network card have been assigned irq 12
>now I am getting "ed0: device timeout" messages. I am running
>It seems to spot both cards on bootup and ifconfig looks normal
>looked at the USB setup yet because I want to get the network back
>If I remove the USB card, I can use the network fine.
>I can't seem to force the BIOS to assign an interrupt to each
>and nothing I have tried in the kernel configuration seems to have
>helped either. I would appreciate any help before I give up and try
>ISA network card instead.
>Matt Proctor
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