ancontrol turns on WEP for Leap on 5.1-RELEASE

Brian J. McGovern mcgovern at
Mon Jun 16 16:35:47 PDT 2003

I just searched the mailing list for this, and didn't find anything,
so I figured I'd ask.

I just installed 5.1-RELEASE on my laptop, reloaded my script that
sets up my Cisco wireless card, ran it, and BAM! no networking.

Upon inspection, it would appear that when using LEAP as the
authentication method, WEP is coming on when you run the
authentication (-L) step. My understanding is that using LEAP means you
can't use WEP, let alone it being the default.

I haven't gone back to 5.0 to compare yet, but i don't believe it
worked that way there. Has anyone else seen this? Should I pr it?


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