Tools to modify shared libraries

Joe Kelsey joek at
Mon Jun 16 15:39:20 PDT 2003

Has anyone ever come across general-purpose tools for modifying shared 
libraries?  What I want to do is to edit the list of "needed" shared 
libraries to correct the common mistakes that developers make in 
creating shared objects with large lists of shared libraries.

Specifically, I want to modify linux-flashplugin6/ to 
remove all of the idiotic references to shared libraries that the Flash 
6 developers added.  Since this is a plugin for Mozilla, it does not 
need to specify any extra shared libraries especially since Mozilla has 
already loaded all of them!

I want to do this to make Flash 6 work with flashpluginwrapper.  If I 
can remove the list of needed shared libraries from the DYNAMIC section 
of the shared library, everyone will be that much closer to a real flash 
6 plugin for BSD.


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