Andrew Thomson ajthomson at optushome.com.au
Sun Jun 15 17:09:38 PDT 2003

i'm working on setting up a transparent squid proxy.

would like to clarify what the forward stuff actually does..

this is what I thought was happening..

ipfw2 initialized, divert enabled, rule-based forwarding enabled,
default to accept, logging unlimited

00500 fwd tcp from any to any dst-port 80
65535 allow ip from any to any

i just thought i'd muck around with apache atm.. i hit the box with these
rules on it on port 80, and the request is never fwd'ed to

is this what's supposed to happen??

a tcpdump port 80 on both hosts show in the incoming http from the
client, however nothing on the machined having the packets forwarded..

can someone clarify this for me?



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