Help with some problems [KVM switch and ftpd]

Bill Moran wmoran at
Sat Jun 14 07:07:09 PDT 2003

It's generally a good idea to ask 1 question per email, with an appropriate
subject line.  People tend to ignore posts with vague subjects, or that ask
many unrelated questions.

Earl Larsen wrote:
> Problem #1
> I have a KVM switch. And sometimes when I use the switch. I get a "no monater 
> deteceted" error.

I've seen this off and on.  Make sure the monitor is turned on and the switch
set to it when booting the system.  This is not a FreeBSD problem, but a
hardware problem, as I've seen the same problem with other OSes.

> Problem #4
> I am using Kmail for my email and when I go to check my spelling. I get the 
> following error  "ISpell/Aspell could not be started. Please make sure you 
> have ISpell or Aspell properly configured and in your PATH."

Well?  Is ISpell or Aspell properly configured and in your PATH?

> Suggestion #1
> Does anyone know of a good and easy configurable FTP Server software.

I've always used the ftpd that ships with FreeBSD.  See 'man ftpd'

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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