Continued Aggravation with Evolution and Gnome 2

Scott Reese sreese at
Fri Jun 13 17:48:47 PDT 2003

[please cc: me in any replies as I am not currently subbed to this 
list.  Thank you.]

I've been attempting to use Evolution for a couple of weeks now with 
no success.  Even though the cvs log on says a fix was 
committed to take care of my problem (or so I thought), a new build of 
Evolution (as of last night) still has read-only mailboxes.  I'm now 
up to version 1.4.0.

In order to attempt to get a fresh start with Evolution, I wiped out 
~/evolution and then deleted the Evolution entries in 
~/.gnome2_private and ~/.gconf/apps/evolution.  However, I still see 
the following error whether I'm trying to check my mail or just read 
the introductory message that is already in the Inbox:

Error while 'Retrieving message 3549':
Cannot create folder lock on //home/scott/evolution/local/Inbox/mbox: 
Permission denied

I asked about this a week or two ago and received no response.  Am I 
asking in the wrong place or is this a known problem that will soon be 
fixed?  Or should I just manually go through and set permissions on 
everything myself (something I'd rather not do as I'm not sure what 
the permissions are supposed to be and what other file permissions 
might be messed up)?  I'm running 5.1-RELEASE and using Gnome 2.


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