List of popular DNS blacklists for spam?

David Landgren david at
Fri Jun 13 16:16:33 PDT 2003

Philip Hallstrom wrote:

> Hi all -
> 	I'm testing the use of some DNS blacklists to cut down on my spam
> and there are a lot of servers to choose from.  I was wondering if there
> is a list of popular servers.  I've seen comparison lists, but I'm hoping
> for more of a survey of sysadmins and what they use (if anything).
   -- has a feed from SPEWS, not everyone likes what that represents
   -- very good, although slow to remove sites that fix things up
   -- pretty conservative, no false positives
   -- extremely good, but I get a few false positives from time to time
   -- a bit too severe for my tastes
   -- seems ok, but as it's at the end of my list it doesn't have the 
chance to catch much, I suppose.

I've heard favourable reviews of, and

Before you start using remote blacklists, you should set up your own 
restrictions, blocking on garbage HELO, envelope forgeries and the like.


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