List of popular DNS blacklists for spam?

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Thu Jun 12 21:15:22 PDT 2003

In the last episode (Jun 12), Robert Huff said:
> Dan Nelson writes:
> >  I block everything in via sendmail, and also use
> >  whatever Spamassassin defaults to, and reject anything with a
> >  score over 20.
> _20_??  You're a fortunate man; I mark at 5 and am still getting way
> more seepage than I want.  (OK, so some of that contains 0% English.
> but still.)

I actually tag (and dump into a spam folder) anything over 8.  The >= 20
check is handled by a milter which rejects the message at the SMTP

Set "ok_languages en" and "ok_locales en" to penalize foreign languages
and charsets.

	Dan Nelson
	dnelson at

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