FreeBSD Port/Distribution Installation

Rohit rohitvis at
Thu Jun 12 23:38:55 PDT 2003

I went through the same problem. I think what you are refering to is that you 
are not quite sure how to start netscape or emacs. Although you have 
installed it in your system, you are not certain where it is right?

Well, the ports system should place whatever programs you install in your 
So, the command you would use to find out where netscape or emacs is installed 

bash$-> whereis emacs
bash$-> whereis netscape

that should tell you where emacs or netscape.  But if you HAVE installed them 
and they are in your path then they should just start when you type "emacs" 
or "netscape"

Hopefully this helps


On Thursday 12 June 2003 20:51, Sukhbinder Singh wrote:
> Hello,
>     I had downloaded the program files into my local disk running freebsd
> but I
> am not able to run them. For, example I need to run emacs or netscape I
> cannot run them. Can someone please tell the steps of what I need to do in
> order to install these programs. They have been downloaded and is in my
> local harddisk.
> Any help will be helpful.
> Thanks
> Singh.
> (sukhbinders at
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