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Thu Jun 12 14:00:40 PDT 2003

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warren maxwell wrote:
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>>warren maxwell wrote:
>>>Im setting up a serial line connection and i am unable to ping because
> it says no host. How do i set up my base local address to be
> The commands i am running are as follows,
>>>slattach -h -l -n -s 19200 /dev/cuaa0
>>>ifconfig sl0 up
>>>Do i need to add a route command like this?
>>>route add -net 192.168.2
>>>Thanks for all the help in advance guys, much appreciated.
>>Check 'netstat -rn' and see if an appropriate route is in
>>there, if not you'll probably have to add it manually each
>>time you connect.  It seems that some types of interfaces
>>create a route automatically (ethernet, for example) while
>>others don't.
> Well i added the route command like this,
> route add -net 192.168.2 localhost, this allowed me to ping
> the side of things but the gave me this error, ping:
> sendto: Network dropped connection on reset
> Any ideas? Thanks once again in advance, I am a newbie at this linux stuff,
> but the one thing I love about is all the help from the community. Thanks :)
> Bryan

Please send the complete output of 'ifconfig' and 'netstat -rn'.  I'm wondering
if there is a config problem elsewhere that is causing problems with the

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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