Are there STABLE/CURRENT/RELEASE tags for ports?

Mark Miller joup at
Thu Jun 12 12:13:51 PDT 2003


Thanks for the suggestions, I definitely feel your pain.  I just wish I
had the disk for that sort of system...

On a more pragmatic note, are there any particular reasons that port
maintainers can't use the -STABLE tag for their updates?  It seems like a
general guideline of "stable lags current by X weeks" might help things


On Thu, 12 Jun 2003, DoubleF wrote:

>> Are there any equivalents to STABLE/RELEASE/CURRENT for ports?  I've been
>> cvsup'ing with "tag=." for awhile and I keep getting build errors (bug
>> reports will be filed soon).  Is there a way to just track -STABLE ports
>> (maybe that only have bugfixes and security updates) that are more likely
>> to play nicely with each other?  If not, is there any way to make this
>> happen?
>Arghh I wish there were such tags.
>In the meantime you might consider CTM for ports, downloading the deltas
>from the FTP. If you do that and NEVER EVER remove the deltas, you may
>be able to 'roll back' to any date you want to try to find the non-broken
>port version (if there was any, of course...).
>I am also rather tired of build errors. What I can suggest is probably
>kludgy, but it is the least kludgy way I could find to compile some
>ports. Before you install any ports,
>1) Save the deltas...
>	<hier kludge start>
>2) Symlink /usr/X11R6 to /usr/local. Many ports put files in the wrong
>one, and symlinking individual files is, ahm,... AFAIK, there are no
>colliding files in them.
>3) Try putting /usr/local and /var/db/pkg (and /etc/X11, and /usr/ports
>maybe, but I don't) on a separate filesystem. Make two such filesystems,
>"current" and "stable". Make / and the remaining /usr as read-only as
>possible. Make a mountpoint, say, /switch. Symlink /usr/local to
>/switch/usr.local, /var/db/pkg to /switch/var.db.pkg... Then change the
>fstab file to mount "stable" at startup. You can always mount "current"
>after boot on top of "stable" and so emulate what you wish. You may want
>to make the WRKDIRPREFIX to point to a directory shared between the
>"current" and "stable" to save compilation time (otherwise you will
>compile each port twice), but I wouldn't recommend it (to be on the safe
>	<hier kludge end>
>It's just what I do. I know it breaks the normal hierarchy (and takes 2x
>space), but at least it does it in a polite way.
>					DoubleF

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