Are there STABLE/CURRENT/RELEASE tags for ports?

DoubleF doublef at
Wed Jun 11 21:25:28 PDT 2003

> Are there any equivalents to STABLE/RELEASE/CURRENT for ports?  I've been
> cvsup'ing with "tag=." for awhile and I keep getting build errors (bug
> reports will be filed soon).  Is there a way to just track -STABLE ports
> (maybe that only have bugfixes and security updates) that are more likely
> to play nicely with each other?  If not, is there any way to make this
> happen?

Arghh I wish there were such tags.

In the meantime you might consider CTM for ports, downloading the deltas
from the FTP. If you do that and NEVER EVER remove the deltas, you may
be able to 'roll back' to any date you want to try to find the non-broken
port version (if there was any, of course...).

I am also rather tired of build errors. What I can suggest is probably
kludgy, but it is the least kludgy way I could find to compile some
ports. Before you install any ports,

1) Save the deltas...

	<hier kludge start>
2) Symlink /usr/X11R6 to /usr/local. Many ports put files in the wrong
one, and symlinking individual files is, ahm,... AFAIK, there are no
colliding files in them.

3) Try putting /usr/local and /var/db/pkg (and /etc/X11, and /usr/ports
maybe, but I don't) on a separate filesystem. Make two such filesystems,
"current" and "stable". Make / and the remaining /usr as read-only as
possible. Make a mountpoint, say, /switch. Symlink /usr/local to
/switch/usr.local, /var/db/pkg to /switch/var.db.pkg... Then change the
fstab file to mount "stable" at startup. You can always mount "current"
after boot on top of "stable" and so emulate what you wish. You may want
to make the WRKDIRPREFIX to point to a directory shared between the
"current" and "stable" to save compilation time (otherwise you will
compile each port twice), but I wouldn't recommend it (to be on the safe
	<hier kludge end>

It's just what I do. I know it breaks the normal hierarchy (and takes 2x
space), but at least it does it in a polite way.


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