* FreeBSD AntiVirus Solutions *

George Vagner george at vagner.com
Wed Jun 11 19:37:29 PDT 2003

i am using the norton av eval version with auto updates
works fine so far, i will let you know when i finish evaluating it.

i think its uvscan and amavis-perl

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> Olivier Nicole wrote:
> >>We have noticed that Kaspersky and Sophos are placed at your web site
but we
> >>wonder if we have any other / new alternatives more then these two SW ?
> >
> > We've been using Kaspersky for more than a year, no problem with the
> > product itself, but the sales team is a bit unresponsive (don't expect
> > them to warn you when you need to renew your licence, had to threaten
> > them to get them replying to me, etc.)
> I can't recommend Kaspersky.  I had a bad experience with them, the
> never worked, and they stopped responding to all communications when we
> told them we wanted our money back.  Being overseas, there was little we
> could do but bite the bullet.
> Sophos has been running ever since then.  It's fast and reliable.  It's
> definately expensive, but they seem to do a real good job of having up-to-
> date profiles of all viruses.  We automatically d/l and install updates
> nightly and have never had a problem.
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