XServer Configuration

Gil Virtucio gihl at nesic.com.ph
Wed Jun 11 18:41:37 PDT 2003

Im using FreeBSD 4.7 Stable in my NEC Versa Note laptop. The Video card is Neomagic Magic Graph 128 XD. My xserver works very fine before when I was still using it's LCD display monitor but when I connected it to a CRT monitor (NEC Multisync xv14) , it displays a message that "INPUT IS OUT OF RANGE" blah blah blah. I've tried reconfiguring it but I still couldnt make it work. Anybody here knows what parameters should I set in my config file? Thank you very much. I'll appreciate any help you can give. 
Basically Im just using 1024/768 resolution and kde/gnome/fvwm dekstop managers. 
Thank you,. 

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