X TrueType font spacing

Jesse D. Guardiani jesse at wingnet.net
Wed Jun 11 13:44:29 PDT 2003

J. Seth Henry wrote:


> BTW - it occurs for all truetype fonts - not just the Microsoft TTF files.

No sir. Not on my box. The Luxi TrueType font that came with X works fine.
No problems whatsoever.

> Believe me, I've tried several. The BIGGER problem (at least for Konsole)
> is that there doesn't appear to be any support for ANSI line characters,
> such that sysinstall and other ncurses apps look terrible. I usually bring
> up a traditional Xterm if I need to use a curses app.

You have a messed up install then. ncurses apps work great in Konsole.

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