X TrueType font spacing

J. Seth Henry jshamlet at comcast.net
Wed Jun 11 11:45:37 PDT 2003

It isn't just an X problem, it's also a KDE problem. I ran into this recently, 
after installing some IBM netstations on my network. When I attempted to use 
anything other than the fixed fonts in Konsole, I would get this strange 
spacing and video corruption. On my system console, they work fine. I believe 
it may have something to do with the extensions that KDE uses. When I load K 
apps on an X terminal, I get several warnings about GLX not being supported.

It is interesting that you ran into this problem ostensibly windowing ON a 
freeBSD host, though. I didn't have any problems when I loaded KDE on console 
- only when using remote X terminals that didn't support all of the 
extensions KDE uses. My console runs Xfree86 4.3.0, and I'm running KDE 3.1

BTW - it occurs for all truetype fonts - not just the Microsoft TTF files. 
Believe me, I've tried several. The BIGGER problem (at least for Konsole) is 
that there doesn't appear to be any support for ANSI line characters, such 
that sysinstall and other ncurses apps look terrible. I usually bring up a 
traditional Xterm if I need to use a curses app.

Seth Henry

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