System for generating C/C++ references?

Michal Pasternak michal at
Wed Jun 11 11:44:24 PDT 2003


I am looking for some sort of software which would allow me
to generate C/C++ (and preferably other languages, like Python
or PHP) references for a given project. Suppose I am browsing
FreeBSD kernel, notice, that a function uses ,,struct somestruct''
as it's parameter. I want to see, what other functions use this
struct and where's that struct defined. I know, that tools like
find and grep might be helpful :) but it is uncomfortable
to grep kernel sources every time I want to find something.

I am sure I have seen projects like this, but I cant remember
the name. Could you? Thanks in advance.

Please CC: me, as I am not quite a subscriber of this list.

Michał Pasternak ::

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