USB keyboard and KVM

Scott Saunders scrotch at
Wed Jun 11 08:02:08 PDT 2003

On Tuesday, June 10, 2003, at 08:10  PM, Ian Dowse wrote:

> In message <B51CC566-9B87-11D7-87DF-003065D644E8 at>, Scott 
> Saunders w
> rites:
>> ...
>> I can SSH in (and maybe this will be the permanent solution). If I run
>> kbdcontrol -k /dev/kbd0 < /dev/ttyv0 while it's 'locked up' I get:
>> kbdcontrol: cannot open /dev/kbd0: Device busy
>> So maybe it didn't close down the connection to the keyboard? If 
>> that's
>> anything like how it actually works.
>> ...
>> Are you using a set up like this, Ian?
> No, I've only used a setup that had both PS/2 and USB keyboards.
> Just reading the kbdcontrol man page, the other thing you could try
> is the -K option to detach the keyboard. e.g:
> device "Keyboard"
>  	devname "ukbd0"
>  	attach "kbdcontrol -k /dev/kbd0 < /dev/ttyv0"
>  	detach "kbdcontrol -K < /dev/ttyv0"
> (or experiment with kbdcontrol -K from ssh)
> BTW, what are the last few lines of `dmesg' after the keyboard stops
> working?
> Ian

Thank you again.
I'm going to have to put this aside for a little while. I can't seem to 
get it working, and dmesg doesn't have any lines whatsoever about the 
keyboard, usb, etc after boot. In fact, if I boot and then switch the 
KVM before login, no lines appear in dmesg regarding the switch or 
anything else. I've also found a couple of discouraging suggestions 
online about usb devices not coming back up without solutions.

I'm going to put this problem on the back burner for a while. I'll have 
to learn a little more about how keyboards and devices work. It's over 
my head at this point, and if I keep typing in commands I don't 
understand I'll break something terribly :)

Thanks for your help though.

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