How to add full Korean language support to FreeBSD?

Rob Lahaye lahaye at
Wed Jun 11 00:08:05 PDT 2003


First of all, I am not a (native) Korean speaker/reader!
But I'm working in Korea.

My problem is as follows:

I want to change the OS on one of our very fast lab computers from Windows 98 to FreeBSD.
My collegues (who know nothing about Unix/FreeBSD) allow me doing that, only if that PC
can handle typing & reading of Korean language, i.e. hangul.

So it's all up to me. I went to the webpages that should explain how to include Korean
language support, but.....that's all in Korean.

So I'm having this peculiar problem, where those that can read the instructions do not
understand (and do not WANT to understand!), and I want to have FreeBSD on that fast PC,
but I can't read the instructions....

Am I missing something here? Is Korean language support simply a matter of installing
a few ports?

Help is very much appreciated!

Thanks / Kamsahamnida !


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