Converting Linux passwd to FreeBSD

Sondre Rønjom s1465 at
Tue Jun 10 01:46:54 PDT 2003

On Mon, 9 Jun 2003, Scott St. John wrote:

> After spending a year converting my ISP to Linux I have had enough and am 
> ready to come back home to FreeBSD.  The ips driver in 5.1 also helps 
> since I am running IBM Netfinity's.
> Is anyone familiar with a tool to convert my Linux passwd files to FreeBSD 
> so I don't have to manually recreate the accounts?
There are tools out there to do it. I have seen some Perl scripts. What I 
did was to create my own python-script which was a very easy thing to do. 
I could send you it if I find it and you still are interested


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