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Mon Jun 9 21:48:18 PDT 2003

If i understand what you want to do, i have something similar setup. i
stuck my tv card [device bktr] in my headless server. Installed X on
the server, along with xawtv and fxtv. i then ssh -X into the server
from a client running X, i then execute the command for one of the tv
viewing apps mentioned above, and it pops up on the client. It does
such up most of the bandwidth on my 100base lan, but if you're talking
small res and dont mind slightly low updates, its fine.
my goal for this system was actually to turn the system into a bit of
a pvr, having it record tv programs so i could watch at my own
good luck


On Mon, 09 Jun 2003 23:59:11-0400(EDT)"J. Seth
Henry"<jshamlet at> wrote:

> Ok, I'm not sure if this will work (or if it does, how well), but I'm
> curious to see what happens.
> I have one of the older Happauge WinTV boards (that is supported by
> FreeBSD). Unfortunately, the only machine with an open PCI slot is my
> headless server. I have a number of IBM netstations attached to this
> server via a 100Mbps switched ethernet LAN. Currently, I am using KDE
> as my desktop environment. I have no idea what the X server is, but I
> do know KDE apps grumple a lot about the X server lacking features.
> Is it possible to stream video to these X terminals, even if it's not
> "movie quality"? I'm thinking something along the lines of a security
> camera setup, where it is OK if the video is the size of a business
> card, and isn't updated terribly fast. That being said, could the same
> stream be sent to two or more terminals simultaneously?
> The likely problems here are that the video transmission would be done
> in X, which could result in bandwidth issues, and the little problem
> of my monitor locking the video device.
> Alternately, and perhaps even better, is there a way to capture still
> images from this board, for use as a "webcam"?
> FYR, this is strictly for experimentation purposes. :)
> Thanks,
> Seth Henry
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