nutball video question

Olivier Nicole on at
Mon Jun 9 21:07:34 PDT 2003

> I have one of the older Happauge WinTV boards (that is supported by
> FreeBSD). Unfortunately, the only machine with an open PCI slot is my
> headless server. I have a number of IBM netstations attached to this
> server via a 100Mbps switched ethernet LAN. Currently, I am using KDE as
> my desktop environment. I have no idea what the X server is, but I do know
> KDE apps grumple a lot about the X server lacking features.
> Is it possible to stream video to these X terminals, even if it's not
> "movie quality"? I'm thinking something along the lines of a security
> camera setup, where it is OK if the video is the size of a business card,
> and isn't updated terribly fast. That being said, could the same stream
> be sent to two or more terminals simultaneously?

Should be posible, if you use multicast, you have only one stream on
your LAN and any workstation can listen to it.

> The likely problems here are that the video transmission would be done in
> X, which could result in bandwidth issues, and the little problem of my
> monitor locking the video device.
> Alternately, and perhaps even better, is there a way to capture still
> images from this board, for use as a "webcam"?

The card is build around a brooktree 848 right? (I think I remember
that) If yes,  still images are EASY to grab.

There are samples in the brooktree driver man page.


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