ADSL: Using mpd(8) for PPPoE

Kris Kennaway kris at
Sun Jun 8 22:35:27 PDT 2003

On Mon, Jun 09, 2003 at 02:57:45PM +0930, Rob wrote:
> Listfolks,
> I'm trying to connect a Netgear DM602 modem to my FreeBSD 4.8 firewall.
> I haven't used PPP over Ethernet before, and I'm not making much
> progress.
> The Handbook[1] talks about using ppp(8) and netgraph modules. Renaud
> Waldura has written an excellent tutorial[2] on this, and I also found a
> guide[3] to using ppp with Telstra (which is my provider).
> But there seems to be a question about whether ppp(8) is the best
> approach. The benchmarks for 'usermode PPPoE' at [4] are very
> disappointing, and they mention mpd as a better option. And when reading
> about FreeBSD+ADSL in Austria[5], I came across this comment:
>   Another way to setup such a connection is using the netgraph-system
>   and the mpd package, which is a little more "BSD style" and is (in
>   my experience) more stable than pptp-client.
> So I looked at /usr/ports/net/mpd and it handles all the ppp traffic in
> kernel using netgraph, which seems like a good approach. The
> documentation is very thorough and there's lots of sample
> configurations.

ppp(8) also uses netgraph for PPPoE.  Anyway, are you sure you need to
worry about mpd?  My Pentium 120 router handles my 1.5MBit ADSL at
full speed with ppp(8)'s pppoe.

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