Disk copy -- WAS: Re: Can you copy freebsd from one of mypresent machine and load itto a new

Jez Hancock jez.hancock at munk.nu
Sat Jun 7 12:55:55 PDT 2003

Not sure what happened to the original poster here...

Anyway I was just thinking there's the system util 'pax' which is very
good for copying filesystems (handles permissions, symlinks, irregular
files quite well).

There's a few lines on it in one of the FreeBSD articles I think...
mmm ok it's quite a small section - 4.2 in this article:


The text is here:

> 4.2 Copying the Contents of Disks
> Submitted By: Renaud Waldura (<renaud at softway.com>)
> To move file from your original base disk to the fresh new one, do:
> # mount /dev/ad2 /mnt
> # pax -r -w -p e /usr/home /mnt
> # umount /mnt
> # rm -rf /usr/home/*
> # mount /dev/ad2 /usr/home

I've used pax in the past to migrate filesystems with success.


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