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The Netwriting Masters... an intensive 5-Day e-mail 
course on how to write sales-clinching copy on the Net.
If you have a friend who would benefit from taking this
course, please pass this on.  Or tell that person to receive
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Refer to this course over and over again as you refine your
NETwriting skills and become an effective e-persuader. Print
each e-mail out, pour yourself a beverage of choice, bring
along a pen to jot down some ideas, and take it all to your
favorite sofa. This is serious -- your online words must
SELL. So for best learning results -- get comfortable. :-)  
Sat Jun 07 01:16:46 2003 
Netwriting Masters 505

Successful Netwriting is...

>       90% perspiration and 10% inspiration. 

That's why ANYONE can do it, given the right direction.

"Knowledge is of two kinds.  We know the subject ourselves,
or we know where we can find information on it. You can find
full information about Netwriting in "Make Your Words Sell!."
-- Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

OK, Mr. Johnson didn't really say that last part!  ;-)

This short, 5-day Masters course can only, realistically,
get you started as an e-persuader.  To become a great one,
it will take time and practice... and MYWS!.

But I'm willing to bet that you are already looking at 
your own copy (and your competitor's) in a different light. 

What are you doing well?  

What needs improvement?

Are you writing through your customer's eyes or your own?

In five short e-mails, we can't deal with all the effective
Netwriting tools.  Key elements were purposely highlighted
in order to provide a firm foundation.  Look how far we've
come in this short time...

o  Most Wanted Response (MWR) -- know what you most want
your visitor/reader to do.

o  Ideal Customer's Mindset -- get inside your reader's head
and understand her feelings, wants and needs.

o  Benefits -- answer the reader's single most important
question... "What's in it for me?"

o  Opening Headline and Subheadings -- flag the reader, grab
her attention and slow those scanning eyes so that
your words can be read.

o  Seamless Sales Copy -- create a flow that pulls the
reader through the sales message and achieves the MWR.

Once you have mastered these, format your copy to reduce the
"pain" of reading online.  (Reading from a computer screen is
25% slower, and far more uncomfortable than reading on paper.)

And once you have the sale, you'll send a wonderfully
crafted e-mail that averts "Buyer's Remorse" and
cross-sells.  Which brings me to another of MYWS!'s

>  MYWS!... For E-mail.

This volume covers it all...

o  how to write a professional e-mail (from the e-mail that
I receive, I'd say that only 30% of folks do this!)

o  how to write an e-mail that GETS READ

o  how to write a post-sales e-mail that averts "Buyer's
Remorse" and cross-sells

o  how to write e-zine ads and articles

o  and finally, how to make your e-zine sell!

Unfortunately, all this is beyond the scope of this final
day.  But MYWS! does deliver all you need to know about
making your e-mail sell...


One more special area where words are so important...

If you have an online store, the principles remain the same,
but the execution changes because of the unique structure
and function of an online store.  Basically, here are the
key issues that you need to nail down...

o  Develop the single "Most Wanted Response" that every
store must aim for.

o  Craft a Storefront (Home Page) that achieves its most
important function.

o  Write a strong opener that pulls your visitor deeply into
your store.

o  Make the text links of your product directory work like

o  Write sales-pulling product descriptions, for thumbnails
and zoomed descriptions (very different!).

o  Turn the "fraught with peril" path to checkout into a
simple, tight process.

o  Convince your visitor to roll that shopping cart up to
the cash register and click that "Buy Now" button.

o  Write your after-sales message.  Again, almost no one
does this.

MYWS! covers all of this completely, in the only volume of
its kind on the Net...

>  MYWS!... For Your Online Store


To sum it all up, five days later?

o Always write for your ideal or target customer.

o Don't try to persuade or convert visitors/readers who have
no specific interest in your product or service.

o Get your customer's mindset right.

o Build towards your MWR.

o Steadily increase your visitor's perceived value of your
product or service.  Benefits and more benefits have to be

o Never waver from your MWR goal.  Be consistent.

Do all of this and you will indeed write a Web site that 
SELLS.  Pure and simple... it *will* sell.


Well, you now have your Masters Degree in Netwriting from
SiteSell University.  For your PhD, don't miss the "BIBLE of

Allan Gardyne, of fame, summarized his
review of MYWS! in his excellent newsletter like this....

As you know, SiteSell OVER-delivers, packing
incredible value for money into every product.

"Make Your Words Sell" is no exception.

Whether you're an affiliate or a merchant,
you need this book, because everyone who has
a website needs it.

Thanks very much for joining me over the last 5 days.  I
wish you much "online writing" success.


- Ken

P.S.  Did I tell you yet that everyone reads a P.S.? 



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