Canterwood/Springdale platform support questions

John Reynolds johnjen at
Wed Jun 4 21:28:24 PDT 2003

Hey all, after some googling, grepping, etc. I'm still at a loss to determine
if the forthcoming 5.1-RELEASE (or 5.x-RELEASE for that matter) will have
support for the recently released Canterwood/Springdale platforms--notably the
S-ATA functionality of ICH5?

I looked at the CVS repo and saw some comments and deltas in the ATA code which
added PCI Ids and a few other cursory mentions of S-ATA but I'm not expert
enough to know from reading the code if ICH5's S-ATA is supported or not.

Have there been any northbridge issues encountered by people? Have people tried
to install 5.x or 4.8-STABLE on a Canterwood/Springdale (i875/i865--perhaps one
of the Abit IC7 or Asus P4C800 moboards)? If so, what was the success level?

I'm in the market for a new system and am looking to see when/if support for
this platform will hit the tree and if it's already there if there are any
gotchas. Thanks!


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