BIND 8.3.5 port?

Mark admin at
Wed Jun 4 17:21:05 PDT 2003

> Doug Barton wrote:

> > You guys seriously need to read the comment at the top of the port
> > Makefile.
> To the extent that your comments represent good advice, they are
> appreciated.

Ditto. :)

> However, if Mark wanted to run the version of named that already comes
> with FreeBSD, or the current 8.3.4 port, he wouldn't have asked for an
> updated port of BIND-8.3.5. The maintainer of any software project
> ought to regard other people's interest as a positive and constructive
> thing-- otherwise, why bother?

I, too, share the concerns about stability of a newer version. To me,
though, that means I feel not yet ready for the 9.x versions of BIND
(especially the earlier 9.x versions came with quite a few quirks); but I
trust the 8.3.3 and higher versions.

I see a parallel with the development of MySQL, for instance. Though its
developers were long since at 4.x, they still kept working on the 3.x
branch. So, I am running the latest installment of the 3.x series. And my
thinking for BIND was the same: I continue to have an eye on the 9.x
versions, but, for now, only seek to install the most stable version of the
3.x branch. And since the developers of both BIND and MySQL still work on
refining the earlier branches, I guess they can follow, at least part of, my

- Mark

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