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On Tue, Jun 03, 2003 at 08:25:00PM -0800, Jon Reynolds wrote:
>  How do I issue the 'mount' command so that I can tell it the uid an gid
> of the newly mounted filesystem?

That depends on the type of filesystem you're mounting.  Only certain
fs types support doing that sort of thing, and those are generally
derived from OSes with poor or no concept of individual user IDs.
Unix/Linux/FreeBSD filesystems (ufs, mfs, ext2, nfs, etc) already
incorporate owner/group information built into the filesystem

Eg. see mount_msdos(8) as an example of a filesystem where file
ownership can be set wholesale -- the '-u uid' and '-g gid' options do
exactly what you want.  In general there should be a 'mount_foo(8)'
manual page for any filesystem type 'foo' supported by the system, and
that page will describe the filesystem specific options.

In the case of NFS you can override some uid/gid settings from the NFS
*server*: see the descriptions of the -maproot and -mapuser options in



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