calcru negative time error

Jimi Thompson jimit at
Tue Jun 3 21:52:50 PDT 2003

Please cc me on all replies as I am not subscribed to the list.  The 
machine in question is running FreeBSD 5.0 Stable. 

Before anyone tells me to RTFM, I did read the FAQ which pointed me 
to this item on the freebsd site:

That web page said to enter this command (which I do not have a good 
understanding of but did anyway)

# sysctl -w kern.timecounter.method=1

which I did, but apparently my 5.0 doesn't like that because it 
promptly spit back:

sysctl: unknown oid 'kern.timecounter.method'

1) Is there another similar command that will do the same thing?
2) Will this stop the error messages?
3) Will this break anything else?

Since the command given doesn't work, I'm not really sure what do 
next.  The web page says that if this command doesn't solve the 
problem that you should "set the NTIMECOUNTER option in your kernel 
to increasingly large values" but offers absolutely no information on 
how to proceed to do this. 

1) Will this make the errors stop?
2) Will this break anything else?
3) Where are the directions on setting the NTIMECOUNTER option?

In all honesty, I have have never tinkered with my kernel.  It works 
and it is stable so I leave it alone.  I know that the calcru error 
messages are pesky, but the machine doesn't seem to be having any 
problems.  It's logs are normal, I ran top and that looks good,  it's 
been up for months with out any apparent issues.  I'm rather tempted 
just to leave it and ignore the errors.  I keep hearing my Dad's 
voice "If it ain't broke....."

Any help appreciated. 


Ms. Jimi Thompson, CISSP, Rev.

"Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being 
governed by those who are dumber." --Plato

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