send-pr problem (DNS related)

Miguel Mendez flynn at
Tue Jun 3 22:33:37 PDT 2003

On Fri, 30 May 2003 17:15:39 +0200
Alex de Kruijff <freebsd at> wrote:


> I have been trying to send a pr but have some thouble with this. 
> The problem is that i am on a private lan and have a hostname 
> that only exist on that lan. Sending mail with sendmail or mutt is not
> a problem because of the -f option. I seem to be unable to give my 
> mail adres like i can with these two.

send-pr calls $EDITOR with the PR template, where you can change most
(all) fields, one of them being the From: part. It then feeds the result
to mail IIRC. You can put whatever you want to on the From field. Or,
<shameless plug> you could give sysutils/gtk-send-pr a try :)
</shameless plug>

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