Awfully OT Question.

Frank J. Cameron cameron at
Tue Jun 3 13:43:10 PDT 2003

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I actually know nothing about this; but, I would be  surprised if this
was possible.  FreeBSD does have its own driver pcm.  Add "device pcm"
to your kernel config and reboot; it usually works pretty well for plug
and play cards (though I've never tried anything high-end or exotic).


On Tue, 2003-06-03 at 15:56, Mario Lobo wrote:
> Please forgive me for this terribly off-topic question but could anyone on this 
> list point to me the proper direction on info to get the ALSA sound driver to 
> work under FreeBSD (if that is at all possible!!)? I figured there are many 
> kernel experts here who would an idea about this.
> I looked in the FreeBSD and ALSA sites and there is no mention of each other on 
> neither.
> Again, sorry and Thanks!
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