PS2 Mouse

Lucelio D. Nascimento lucelio at
Tue Jun 3 12:10:23 PDT 2003

   Hi, I was trying the FreeBSD 5.0 and the installation was perfect, but,
when I tried to run the Gnome, my mouse didn't work. Here is the
configuration of my machine:
Intel Pentium 4 - 1.6 GHz / 256 MB RAM / HD: 20 GB. The motherboard is a
Intel 845HV, so, I don't know if there is a problem to work with this
Motherboard. I tried to use a serial mouse but the problem was the same. I
used the sysinstall to configure it. Is there another form to work with this
   Please, Do not try to contact me by phone because i'm in Brazil.

Thanks a lot.

Lucélio D. Nascimento
SI Training Solution
Tel.: (11) 5181-4525
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