password aging

Glenn Johnson gjohnson at
Mon Jun 2 10:03:19 PDT 2003

I need to implement a password aging capability for my FreeBSD systems  
(5.0).  This is mandated by my employer.  I want to be able to have the 
user prompted to change the password every 30 days and disallow login   
if the password is not changed.  It would be nice to have a password    
strength checker run as well before accepting the password.             

I figured out how to set the password expiry date but the password
change field is not updated in the master.passwd file after the password
is changed.  It looks like I am going to have to write some scripts to
handle this but I wanted to check with the list to see if any one could
offer any pointers, gotchas, etc.


Glenn Johnson
USDA, ARS, SRRC			 Phone: (504) 286-4252
New Orleans, LA 70124		e-mail: gjohnson at

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