DNS error or idiot on parade

Konrad Neitzel neitzel at softmediatec.de
Sun Jun 1 23:53:16 PDT 2003

Reynolds <jonr at destar.net> wrote:
> I am trying to setup a nameserver for a domain and I have been 
> reading the DNS/Bind book from O'Reilly and I somehow got the 
> private IP showing up when I try and ping from a remote site. 
> Whenever I type in ping www.example.com, it tries to ping 
> instead of the external IP. I don't have this IP 
> in my named.conf or example.com db file anywhere...anymore :). 
> I have reloaded my named daemon and it reports no errors in 
> the message log. How can I fix this so that it resolves to the 
> correct IP?

You could check your DNS Server with "host" e.g.:
host www.example.com

That would query the nameserver on (localhost) for the name 

If this reports the right IP:
Have you checked your /etc/hosts? Maybe you set your system to check 
that first and you got the name there?

Just some thoughts from my side ...

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