Backing up programs

Francisco Reyes lists at
Wed Dec 31 10:35:44 PST 2003

On Wed, 31 Dec 2003, Dany wrote:

> On my file server I have 2 drives.

I also have two drives on each of my machines. One for backup.
I also keep several days worth of backups in case I corrupt a file.
Overall I think I have the data part of the backup covered properly,
although I plan to backup some directories every few hours instead of

> - Unison :  2-way synchronization using rsync/ssh, multi platform
> graphical interface.

I use unison to backup data from a remote machine to my local machine,

> - rsync :  typical rsync that will mirror the source to the destination

Why use both unison and rsync? Unison can do the same as rsync.

> - rsync-backup : it's based on rsync but you get the advantage of
> incremental backups so you can restore from a specific date. You can
> also purge the backup by removing old stuff.

Will look it up.

> A couple of cron jobs take care of the different backups at night.

Same thing here, except that I plan to do some dierctories more often (ie

> I don't know if that answers to your question but I thought that could
> give you some ideas.

Didn't really answer what I asked, but all suggestions/feedback/comments
on how other people are doing things are always welcome. It helps to see
other possible solutions to what one is doing. I am a firm believer in
learning from the experience of others if they are willing to dedicate the
time to share their experience with me. :-)

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