Where do I find all the available options/devices I can use in my kernel con

Lee Harr missive at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 31 07:40:40 PST 2003

>Reading some forums, I discovered I could use the following options in
>my kernel configuration (5.2):
>I looked at the GENERIC kernel config but there were no mention of those
>2 options. Where can I find an exhaustive list of available
>options/devices I can use in my custom kernel config file?

>From the handbook:

I read:
An exhaustive list of options and more detailed explanations of the device 
lines is present in the LINT configuration file, located in the same 
directory as GENERIC.

with the additional helpful note:
Note: In FreeBSD 5.X and above the LINT is non-existent. See the NOTES file 
for architecture dependent options. Some options, mainly architecture 
independent ones, are stored in the /usr/src/sys/conf/NOTES file. It is 
advisable to review the options in here also.

If you are going to rebuild your kernel, I strongly advise that you read the
entire chapter on configuring and building the kernel:

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