Password sync - Running Windows 2000/NT Services for UNIX on FreeBSD

Eivind Hestnes eivind.hestnes at
Wed Dec 31 06:55:11 PST 2003


I have a Samba FreeBSD Server that is a domain member.  I recently
purchased Windows 2000 Services for Unix to do encrypted password
synchronization via NIS on the domain.  The ssod daemon that is needed
on the FreeBSD system is not included on the CD and therefor must be
compiled from the source code included on the CD.

Does anybody use Windows 2000/NT Services for Unix Single Sign On Daemon
on FreeBSD 4.X? I am needing help with compiling on FreeBSD.

If someone is interested, I can attach the Source Code (Source Code from
Microsoft, insane? :-)

Eivind Hestnes

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