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PF has been just ported to FBSD. I don't know if ipf & pf have a
common code background, but I do know pf & ipf have totally
different rule processing logic though the rules do look some what
common. When it comes to using variables on the rule set, that is
just the normal function of shell processing. Ipfw, ipf, and pf can
all be buried inside of an shell script and perform variable
In FBSD the rc.conf statement for pointing to the directory location
of the ipf rules can not process a script. You just point that
rc.conf statement to an empty file just to get the system up. Then
you have script in the startup application directory that executes
to load the ipf rules.  Works great.

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Here's a question that might seem trivial:

What's the relationship between the freebsd ipf and the openbsd pf?
Are they
the same thing, or are they separately developed branches of a
codebase?  Or maybe they are totally different.  I ask this because
I was
looking around for guides for ipf.rules, and some of the openbsd pf
look similar, but some command syntax are different.  The openbsd
example had the ability to define variables of ip addresses,
interface names,
etc, but it doesn't seem to work with ipf.rules.  Is there any way
to define
variables in ipf.rules?

please cc me in your responses cause I'm not subscribed to the list

thanks so much

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